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Wealth Steps


At Ameriwealth Retirement Services, our planning process begins with you. Starting with discovery, we take you through our six stages of investment planning. Through it all, we continue to monitor your assets and when life may take you on a different path, we are there helping navigate that change.

1. Gather all of your information:

Understand your values, family needs
and legacy considerations.

Determine your current budget and financial status.

2. Determine financial vision:

Every investor should first establish meaningful and realistic goals.

Discuss thoughts and feeling towards risk.

3. Analyze and process the findings:

Review all information and goals.

Identify client strengths and weaknesses and determine potential strategies that meet those personal needs.

4. Present and explain individual plans:
Select appropriate strategies to fit your goals.

Establish timeframes to implement your plan.

Review potential obstacles and successes the plan may experience.

Coordinate with other professionals.

5. Execution of plan:
Organize and complete paperwork

Establish client accounts and set up transfers.

Follow up with other professionals.

6. Review and Monitor:
Determine meeting review schedule.

Continue to track the progress of the plan.

Identify life and goal changes and make adjustments as needed.

Find opportunities that are consistent with your objectives and goals.

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